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Snowy Sunday Afternoon in Spring

23 Mar

from cliff house at pikes peak

A snowy Sunday afternoon in Spring

In my opinion, we should not be having cold or snow today, but we are!  To me, Spring is a time to be out and about, walking, hiking, biking…all those outdoor type activities.  Instead, because it is cold and windy, I will stay home and play catch up on some computer work, housework…but hey, I may even turn on the oven and bake something.  It is important to keep the house warm, and this is certainly a good smelling, good tasting thing to do!

Since my birthday is in two days, I am thinking about molten lava cakes.  I got some nice,  new ramekins of a good size 9 inches, which would be a very good dish to cook the cakes in.  Mmm, getting hungry thinking about it 🙂


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year with the buds popping out on trees, and early Spring flowers peeping from the ground.  And in some places you may even see some flowers peeping from the snowy ground 🙂

early spring flowers

But, thinking about flowers and warm weather has distracted me.  I should be in the kitchen warming up the house…don’t you think??

molten lava cake

Have a great day, and we will chat again soon!  🙂