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3 Apr

Come Along With Us On Our Journey



safe and healthy journey

It would be so great if you could come along with us on our journey!

Our plan is to visit as many places as we can on our travels around the world!

Our “journey plan” is currently very open and we have not yet decided where our first stop should be.  North America…South America…Europe…Asia…Africa…Australia…Antartica


Nations Online Project


Our travels should realistically begin in North America, although we have lived and travelled quite a bit there.  We have travelled to Florida, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, and others.

So, perhaps the next place to visit should be somewhere close but not too close…perhaps South America or Central America.

journey to central america

Belize would be an interesting place to visit.  It is an English speaking country, so it would be easier for most travellers to communicate more easily.

The people of Belize wear western clothing and can be fairly conservative in the way they dress and behave. In cities long pants and long-sleeved shirts are common for most occasions, but on weekends and along the beaches shorts and short-sleeve shirts are popular.

There are few dress or behavioral restrictions in Belize. Many tourists visit the country solely for the beaches so scantily clad dress is commonly accepted. If visiting religious sites, such as churches, more formal dress is required as long pants and covering at least your shoulders is expected. The same requirements can also be extended to nice restaurants and hotels away from the beaches. Sunbathing naked or women sunbathing topless is often restricted so check with locals before doing so.  Safari the Globe



23 Mar

Travelling is an Adventure!  There are so many places I have been, but many more that I have not but I am looking forward to changing that.  South America is one continent I plan on visiting very soon.  Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay…

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